Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, some particular foods should be completely avoided. These foods can pose a great threat or hamper the baby’s proper development. For example, food with higher levels of mercury or Vitamin A can harm the baby.

Also, certain foods can cause foodborne illnesses like Salmonella or Listeriosis poisoning. While there are some foods which are controversial as to whether they are harmful or not

Here is a list of 10 foods that should be avoided

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese and any other unpasteurized cheese are harmful to the body. They can cause a foodborne illness called Listeriosis. If you are not pregnant, it will cause a simple flu-like symptom without damaging your health.

But when pregnant, Listeriosis can cause serious complications such as miscarriage and premature labour.

King Mackerel

Although King Mackerel is a rich source of Omega-3, it has a very high mercury content. Mercury can damage the development of the baby’s nervous system.

So, it is advised to avoid eating King Mackerel while you are pregnant totally.

Since Omega-3 is very important for mothers, other alternate sources like salmon, tilapia and shrimp can be taken in limited amounts.

Tea/ Caffeinated Coffee

Many doctors have stated that caffeine has the ability to cross the placenta and affect the heart rate of the baby.

Although some doctors suggest that, 200mg of caffeine every day is safe, others say that it should be avoided completely.

Brie Cheese

This is yet another unpasteurized cheese which poses a threat to Listeria. Even a mild infection of Listeria can cause severe illness like miscarriage and still birth.

So this form of cheese, along with any other form which says “unpasteurized” on the label, should be avoided completely.

Deli Meats

Although deli meat is a popular form of meat for lunch and preparing sandwiches, this too comes with a risk of many foodborne viral diseases. This too can cause severe Listeriosis.

Though the risk of getting Listeria from deli meats is very low for other people, pregnant women are much more susceptible to getting this virus.


Liver, along with all other liver products such as liver pate, liver sausage, should be avoided completely. This is because liver contains a very high amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is proved to be responsible for birth defects in babies.

Unpasteurized Milk

Never drink unpasteurized milk when you are pregnant. Raw milk contains dangerous pathogens like Listeria and Salmonella.

It can make you sick and even cause serious pregnancy complications such as miscarriage and stillbirth.

Uncooked Eggs

There are many people who prefer adding raw eggs to their smoothies for extra protein. This is something that a pregnant woman should avoid doing altogether.

Uncooked eggs have a high risk of containing the virus Salmonella. This can result in dehydration and early labor.


This is yet another fish which contains very high levels of mercury. It can potentially damage the baby’s nervous system. Therefore it should be avoided completely.

Fishes contain very important nutrients, so they must be present in the diet. So their mercury levels should be confirmed before eating any fish, especially sea fishes.

Nitrate-Rich Foods

As we all know, food that contains chemicals is always harmful to health. Chemically processed foods like sausages, bacon, diet soda, etc., are nitrate-rich foods.

Due to their low nutritional value and high nitrate content, these foods can result in fetal abnormalities and slow development of the baby.

You must eat the right food during pregnancy. So ensure you get all the necessary nutrients for your body in the right amount, and avoid the ones mentioned above.

Also, if you feel confused about any food, ask your doctor. Above all, trust your motherly instincts, eat healthily, and enjoy your pregnancy!

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