Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems

If you are trying to conceive or just found out that you are pregnant, you might be thinking that the pregnancy journey would be a nice and smooth one. As portrayed by movies, it would be all about having glowing skin and a cute little baby bump, while enjoying the extra attention you are getting from everyone around you. However, the reality is a tad bit different. This journey of nine months can be filled with many awkward and embarrassing moments.

Not to scare you off, but to make sure that you are mentally and physically geared up for all these issues, we have come up with a list of the 10 most embarrassing pregnancy problems.

1. Gas and Burping :
As your baby grows, the space inside the tummy becomes tight due to being squeezed, shoved and stepped on by the baby. So be prepared to encounter a million digestive issues. Every now and then, you will be producing gases with foul odors and awkward sounds. Worst part is, you won’t have any control on the exit of these gases. They might come out whenever or wherever they like, from one end or the other.

2. Sweating
During pregnancy, your body is doing more job than ever. So it will give out heat from time to time. Sweat patches will becomes a regular part of your paternity wardrobe. You will find yourself sweating profusely even after doing minimal labor like climbing more than two stairs, walking from one room to the other or sometimes even while sitting down and doing absolutely nothing. Additionally, you will have a moustache made entirely of sweat on your face. To add to the embarrassment, a tangy personal odor will come along to accompany your sweat.

3. Unnecessary Hair Growth
One of the greatest gifts that those extra levels of hormones bring with them is increased hair growth. While that added volume and shine might seem like a blessing for your mane, you might start freaking out by seeing your sideburns cover your face. There is a possibility of having your entire face covered with noticeable amount of facial hair, not to mention your upper lips. Or even a hair or two under your chin.

4. Increased Vaginal Odor
During pregnancy, the increased level of hormones will cause the quantity of your vaginal discharge to increase. With that, changes will come to its appearance and odor as well. The increasingly pungent and fishy odor will be one more thing to keep bothering you in public places. Well, you don’t need to get too paranoid about this though, because pregnancy also results in increased sense of smell. So chances are high that you are the only one who is getting this smell.

5. Leaking Urine
Bladder leakage is one of the most common problems for any pregnant woman. You have to be very careful before sneezing, coughing or laughing way too hard. Especially during the second trimester, when the baby starts pushing your bladder, holding your urine from leaking becomes an impossible task.

6. Leaking Breast Milk
One of the signs that your body is getting ready for the baby is having leaky breasts. While for some women, leakage does not start till the baby comes, for others, it might start even 6 months before the due date. Having a patch appear suddenly during a meeting or at a party can be very humiliating. Always having a pair of nursing pads in your purse can save this trouble.

7. Mood Swings
The worst part about having mood swings is that, you won’t ever realize how much you’re embarrassing yourself while you are having them. One moment, you will feel perfectly rational about screaming at your assistant for losing your pen. And the very next moment you will realize that you had it in front of you the entire time and burst into tears.

8. Itchy Nipples
As soon as your pregnancy starts, you might start longing for having the pregnancy cleavage everyone talks about. But prepare yourself for the downside of having growing breasts as well. As a part of preparation for nursing, the nipple area will start growing too. This will trigger an itch so persistent that you won’t mind scratching your breasts even in public places. Make sure to keep that area moisturized to avoid this humiliation.

9. Vomiting and Nausea
Although it is known as “morning sickness” it might start developing at any time of the day. You will find yourself running to the bathroom for throwing up in the middle of an office meeting. Your favorite dish at your previously favorite 5 star restaurant will start feeling stinky. But unfortunately, there is no prescribed medical treatment for nausea. You will have to keep waiting till it passes.

10. Acne
The roller-coaster of hormones can start making you break out like a teenager. Your face might be filled with huge red bumps that you haven’t seen since you were 14. Moreover, due to safety issues, it is recommended that you don’t use acne products like salicylic acid or Accutane either. So the only thing you can do is use a concealer and wait for them to pass.


On a final note, although these problems might seem embarrassing, they are nothing to worry about. It is all a part of toughening you up for the amazing baby journey ahead, which will require a lot of patience and getting used to embarrassment. If any of these problems are too persistent though, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or care giver about it, as they might suggest a temporary or permanent solution based on your health condition.

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