Symptoms Of Pregnancy In The First Month

During pregnancy, you will get some symptoms earlier that will make you sure about your pregnancy. Though it’s unnecessary, you would face the symptoms others do as pregnancy differs from person to person. The symptoms depend on the condition and the health of your body as well.

It can happen like you take a test, but the result doesn’t say the same thing as the symptoms you are facing. There are some common alarms or signs of pregnancy. You would see some symptoms in the first month of pregnancy or when you start to conceive.

These are a few common symptoms of pregnancy in the first month what you can see:

Missed period:

You will that you have missed your period. It could be something else, but it’s a common sign of pregnancy in the first month.

You can see that it’s bleeding so lightly that you can feel that you are not pregnant, but still, you can get pregnant, and it’s bleeding as it’s the very first month of pregnancy.

The bleeding can happen as the eggs go to their perfect place and changes occur, and the fluid comes out of the blood.

Morning sickness:

Morning sickness is a very symptom of pregnancy in the first month. Morning sickness can be named nausea as well. During pregnancy, you can go through morning sickness for so many days.

It can occur at times or can continue for a long time. Most women suffer from nausea during pregnancy. To get rid of this problem, you can have saline to get relief. You can also have ginger to save yourself.

Mood swing:

During the first month of pregnancy, you will say that you have problems with mood swings. There is no solution to this than waiting. It can stay for three to four months, and then you can see the change.

Your body, along with the hormones, changes, and new hormones, grows and make your mood weirdly so that it swings constantly. You will feel something at this moment; the next moment, you will feel something else. The mood will change constantly.

Tender breast:

Tender breast is one of the biggest and major signs of pregnancy in the first month. You can see that your breast is becoming heavier, and you will spot dark spots around your breast or in the nipple area.

Try to get new bras which have made your breast stay stable so you won’t feel bad or won’t feel the pain. It becomes like this because of the changes in your hormones.


You would feel like sleeping all day long or just lying down on your bed as you feel bad or get tired each time you do something.

It happens as you are sharing your energy with your baby that you consume, and it’s making you tired and fatigued.

Don’t feel shy or bad after one month this problem won’t stay. If you feel sleepy, then do take a rest.

These are the most common symptoms that can take place during the first month of pregnancy.

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