Early signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

You must have been waiting to have a baby for a long time. You must have lots of expectations for your baby. You will try to conceive the baby, and after that, you will feel complete. It’s the greatest bonding or relation. After trying to conceive the baby, when you would miss the period for the first time, you would get highly excited and expect a baby.

But before missing the period, you would face some symptoms of OD pregnancy. However, you won’t understand them much if you get pregnant for the first time. The symptoms will be very mild, but you need to pay attention to the symptoms that will take place before missing the period.

Though missing a period can be one of the greatest symptoms of getting pregnant, you would see the change before two weeks of your period and day by day; you would understand the situation more.

These are a few symptoms of pregnancy that you would see before missed period:

Morning sickness or nausea:

It’s like you would have an upset stomach when you wake up in the morning. It will make you feel bad, and you will feel very sick. It’s a direct hit to pregnancy before missing your period.

Changes in your body’s hormones happen during this time, and it causes morning sickness.

Please don’t take any medicine before talking to your doctor; it won’t be good for you. You can face this as you won’t be able to sleep well as you are pregnant.


You can expect pain before missing your period. It’s another sign of pregnancy before missing a period. Your uterus and some body organs undergo big changes that can create pain for you.

This pain won’t be unbearable, it won’t stay for long, and after 12 weeks, you won’t face this pain much. In your lower bump area, you will spot this pain.

Back pain:

You would face bad back pain during your pregnancy before missing your period. The pain will occur in your lower back area. As you are carrying the baby and you are carrying the weight you will feel this pain.

It would help if you slept where you would feel comfortable and won’t feel much pain.


You would face a headache as an early pregnancy symptom before a missed period. As you would have low blood sugar because of your pregnancy, your cells won’t have the perfect amount of sugar, and that will cause this headache.


You would feel very thirsty all day long, and you would feel like drinking water often as a sign of pregnancy before you miss your period. You are sharing the water you are consuming with your baby, so as a reality, you would feel thirsty.

Appetite problem:

You would have major appetite problems during pregnancy before missed period. You won’t like having food though you would be hungry. But you would like pickles at this time.

You would see these early pregnancy symptoms before missed periods and you can go for a checkup then.

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