Signs Of Pregnancy In First Two Weeks

During the maternity period, you would find some signs which are easily identifiable and you can take it positively that you are pregnant after seeing them. You would hear about a lot of signs that can take place during maternity, but there are very few signs that are universal.

These are known as the common signs of pregnancy at an early level. In the first month of pregnancy, you can see some changes to make sure your pregnancy is. The first two weeks of pregnancy are different as many changes take place. It creates lots of excitement as well. You might not feel like there is a new life inside you but the body does change a lot. The baby grows as well at a time period.

These are the early signs of pregnancy in first two weeks:

Delay of period:

In the first two weeks of pregnancy, you would miss your period, or the period will take place very late. The amount of bleeding will reduce immensely or it can bleed for a few moments.

Things are not the same for everyone, but it happens mostly in the first two weeks. After conceiving the baby, the total period won’t occur, and you can be sure about the news.

Growth of the baby:

In these two weeks of pregnancy, the baby grows a lot. The sex of the baby gets confirmed by this time. In these two weeks, it’s not heavy enough so it floats inside the uterus.

It grows in different layers. As the baby grows, you can feel that. This growth will be the reason for the symptoms and changes that you would see.


You would feel extremely tired during the first two weeks of pregnancy. You would feel tired often and feel sleepy as the body goes through many changes, and your baby gets some of your energy.

You feel fatigued as you share the energy but don’t think you have become lazy. You can walk, watch television when you feel sleepy, or take a short nap.

Breathing problem:

You will see you have shorter breaths than the usual breath duration. It happens in the first two weeks of pregnancy as you share the air with your baby, so you feel like you have a short breathing problem.

Urination problem:

You will find that you are having frequent urination in the first two weeks of pregnancy. It happens as the body exhales lots of fluids, and the baby creates pressure so you can go to the washroom frequently.

Mood swing:
Your mood will fly during the first two weeks of pregnancy. You won’t know what is wrong with you.

These are the early signs of pregnancy in first two weeks that you can spot and understand that you are going to be a mother in near future.

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