Is It Normal To Bleed During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many things can take place. Some might see unusual to you as you have never heard of them because they don’t happen to everyone. Pregnancy signs can differ from person to person as everyone doesn’t have same types of pregnancy. Though there are few things for every pregnancy.

Bleeding during pregnancy doesn’t happen in every case of pregnancy. It differs a lot in different cases. Some face massive bleeding which can cause miscarriage, in the long run, some face a little amount of bleed and some don’t bleed. So if you bleed during pregnancy it’s good to see a doctor so that you can understand the reason and take precaution accordingly.

Almost 20% of moms to be done face this bleeding during maternity for various reasons. For 12 weeks at any time you can see the bleeding and nothing would happen after that. It’s normal to bleed during pregnancy, but it depends on the amount to understand if is it normal or not. It is okay if you see little blood spots on your paint. You can see blood in the vagina as well sometimes. No need to worry about it. However, you can feel scared after spotting blood.

This bleeding can take place for many reasons.


Sometimes it’s even good as the blood which is not needed comes out. If you have any infection, then blood can come out. The infection can be in the skin of the vaginal area. You need to take care of it and consult a doctor, though you don’t need to worry.


Bleeding during pregnancy can happen after any intercourse. After having sex during pregnancy, you can spot very little blood, so stay calm if you see blood. Cervix grows inside you which is not harmful to you can be the reason or bleeding during pregnancy. This intercourse changes the hormones and causes bleeding.

Hormonal Changes

You go through many changes during pregnancy that can cause bleeding like your body creates different hormones and the changes of the hormones. Keeping pace with this change, can cause bleeding. The eggs get fertilized day by day during pregnancy and can also cause bleeding during pregnancy. The uterus goes through changes that can be the reason for the bleeding.

Internal changes

The eggs fertilised during the four weeks of pregnancy create an outer wall and try to get attached to the uterus; as it creates pressure you can bleed. Internal changes can cause bleeding.

The hormones that control your period cycle undergo severe changes that can create bleeding. So it’s normal to bleed during pregnancy as you don’t go through a period.


It’s very common, and it’s normal to bleed during pregnancy. But then again don’t try to avoid the bleeding as it can cause things like miscarriage, Previa etc. so if you spot blood try to find out the cause to stay safe. You must be very concerned about your baby after spotting blood but don’t worry the baby will be safe as long as you are conscious of what is happening to you.

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